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Real-Time Industrial Telemetry

Stream operation-critical data from your industrial equipment in real-time

Simple Remote Data Monitoring

Plug-and-play Tresel Gateways provide a link between your industrial equipment and our real-time web-based telemetry platform

Real-Time Telemetry

Waiting for manual-entry reports from field teams can have a dramatic impact on operational effectiveness and waste finite resources. Tresel gives you immediate visibility of operation-critical data.

Situational Awareness

Reporting, Alerting, and Custom Dashboards give you important situational awareness of your operational-essential equipment. Decrease on-site radio chatter, prevent down-time, and increase security and safety.

Broad Compatibility

Deploying Real-Time Telemetry doesn't need to be a huge expense. Tresel Gateways support with most common IoT protocols. We connect to your existing hardware alongside existing sensors and controllers.

Tresel receives data from 3rd-party sensors and transmits to the web platform

Tresel's Real-Time Telemetry is deployable in a broad cross-section of industrial use cases and is compatible with most third-party devices, controllers, and sensors

Frac Vessel

Flowback Production Testing

Give your clients meaningful, accurate, and real-time reporting of gas, oil, and water flow rate and total, and casing, tubing, and manifold pressures.

Pipeline Riser

Hydrostatic Testing

Increase safety and improve communication and trust by providing client on-site representatives real-time hydro-test pressure and temperature.

Liquid flowmeter


Know your water meter flow, pressure and temperature statistics in a matter of minutes. Generate reports for regulatory compliance and reporting to your clients.

Well Head

Offset Well Monitoring

Safe and secure real-time status of offset wells using wired or wireless sensors to ensure well bore integrity during hydraulic fracturing operations.

Frac Pond

Level Monitoring

Reduce the number of manual labour and visual spot checks. Know and act on your vessel, pond, and tank levels, in and out flow rates and volumes.

Orbit Pump

Pump Control

Identify and reduce pump maintenance by remotely monitoring pump engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel and oil pressure, fuel rate, and engine hours. Control engine RPM, startup, and shutdown operation.


Burke Calibration
Machfu Industrial IoT Gateway
SignalFire Wireless Telemetry
Tresel Gateway

Web Platform Features

  • Web-based platform, accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Historical datetime-stamped system-of-record for all sensor data
  • Customizable charts for data comparison and analysis
  • Configurable Alert thresholds for every sensor and alert notifications by email
  • Exportable PDF and spreadsheet reports
  • Share view-only Tresel Gateways and charts with third-parties directly from the web-interface
  • GPS-enabled to monitor asset locations
  • Up to 20 users per account
  • Regular security and platform updates
  • Secure data storage

Additional training, support, and customization available upon request.

Hardware Technical Specifications

  • LTE-M or satellite connectivity available
  • GPS antenna to monitor asset location
  • Up to 103MPa (15,000 psi) wired and wireless pressure sensors available
  • Power supplied via battery, solar, or 110V
  • Data is stored on memory and forwarded to the web platform
  • Data is back-filled for reliability
  • Simple plug-and-play deployment

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